Welcome to the World College of Golf
Welcome to our College. We are proud to be the first private College of Higher Education to offer a Diploma and Foundation Degree in Tournament Golf and Applied Golf Sciences. Our programme is unique in the world of golf and accredited by the University of Thessaly one of Europe's finest Universities for Physical Education and Sports Science.
Our degree is designed for those individuals who want sport specific scientific knowledge to coach and train elite golfers. It is also designed for students who wish to become directors of golf and progress to executive and managerial positions. A team of academics from various British and European Universities manage the degree. Coaches, practitioners and players from the European and American PGA Tour support our programme. Students can attend our degree full-time or part-time or through online distance learning.
We presently offer our services in Kent (England), Isselburg (Germany) and Marbella (Spain). 
The College

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